Cherub Bot MP01 [VRChat Compatible Avatar]

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Cherub Bot Mass Production v01 is a cute, smol android who is ready to make your VRChat experience a bit more adorable.

Included in the Unity Project:
• VRChat ready prefab
• FBX format model files
• 4k resolution PSD source textures for customization
• Custom Toon Shader built in Amplify Shader Editor
• Custom locomotion animations and FX
• Avatar 3.0 configs for dynamic recoloring and customizable in game HUD
• Retractable Cat Ears (Meow)

NOT included but required for full functionality:
• Unity 2018.4.20f1
• VRChat SDK v3
• Amplify Shader Editor (Optional for shader customization)
• Dynamic Bones (Optional for USB cord and helm physics)

Terms of Use:
• You may modify files for personal entertainment.
• Do not redistribute or re-sell a part or whole of the files in any form.
• Use of files outside of VRChat is welcome but not supported.
• Files presented as is. (But if you have trouble, I'm pretty active on twitter.)

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Cherub Bot MP01 [VRChat Compatible Avatar]

431 ratings
I want this!